I am available to run One Day Workshops. If you are interested in arranging such a Live Workshop or attending an Internet Workshop, please contact me via the Enquiry Form.

The format of these Workshops would be theory in the morning from 9am to 12pm with a break for refreshments, lunch break from 12 noon to 1pm and practical examples in the afternoon from 1pm to 4pm. The cost would be my daily rate, plus the cost of the venue and refreshments and any transport and accommodation costs for me. I am willing to travel locally and internationally. The more people we have at the workshop, the more reasonable it will be for each person. Alternatively, I can present these workshops over the internet via Webex. Again cost would be reduced with greater attendance. I will take down names until I have sufficient people to make the cost reasonable to participants. Please contact me via the Enquiry Form.

I offer the following workshops:

Workshops requiring no prior knowledge of astrology:

  • Introduction to Western Astrology : A one day workshop.

Workshops requiring an understanding of the Basic Concepts in Astrology Signs, Planets and Houses

  • Midpoints : A one day workshop
  • Solar Returns : A one day workshop
  • Solar Arcs : A one day workshop
  • Solar Fire Program : A one day workshop
Please contact me via the Enquiry Form if you are need more information or if you are interested in a One Day Workshop.

Twelve Day Workshop

Basic Concepts in Astrology Planets, Signs and Houses.
No prior astrological knowledge is required.
This course has many possible formats. Cost will include my tutoring fee, my travel and accommodation costs, internet costs if applicable.
Here are some possibilities:
  • A twelve day Workshop over two weeks. Four days devoted Planets, four days to Signs and four days to Houses. Theory from 9am to 12noon. Lunch break. Practical from 1pm to 4pm.
  • A twelve week course with one full-day class per week theory for three hours, a break, and then practical for three hours.
  • A twelve week course with two three hour classes per week theory for one day, practical for the other day
  • A twenty four week course with one three hour class per week. One week theory, the next week practical.
  • A video course where each class could be downloaded on demand. This would be a pre-corded class of me talking through the cogent points using a flip chart and power point presentations. PDF Charts and notes would be available for download prior to the start of the class. This would be much less expensive and would be done in your own time and space. You could then book a one-to-one mentoring session if you have any queries or wished to discuss something in greater depth.

All prices are subject to negotiation, entirely at my discretion. I am open to swopping goods and services where the client is able to offer something that I value. I am also open to reduced prices if the client is unable to afford the full fee, subject to a brief note of explanation.

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