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Two Public Talks in the Garden Route

  • Sunday the 22nd of March at 2pm - Earth Cafe, Global Village, Plettenberg Bay
  • Monday the 30th of March at 1pm - Knsyna Main Library
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Monthly New Moon Musings:

At present I focus mainly on the New Moon which happens roughly every 29 days as this is a most useful time management strategy. The New Moon allows us to begin a new two week task in harmony with the heavens, for completion at the Full Moon, followed by review as the Moon wanes to Third Quarter and rest as the Moon goes through Balsamic back into the dark depths before the next New Moon. Each of the twelve Zodiac Signs gives the New Moon different potentials which I discuss in each newsletter.

New Moon in Capricorn - 1 January 2014

Here's the first New Moon musing for the year. From the day after New Moon until Full Moon is when it's best to get a short project underway. In this case we're almost at the Full Moon in Cancer which happens at 6:53 am on Thursday 16th January, but I thought you may enjoy the ideas behind this dynamic New Moon and may have experienced some of the energy too.

The New Moon happens in Capricorn at 1:15 pm South African time. This is a great time for New Year resolutions as Capricorn is the sign of strategies, getting things done, using resources wisely. New Moon in Aquarius - 31 January 2014 – Start of Chinese Year of the Wood Horse

The New Moon in Aquarius happens at 11:39pm SAST on Thursday 30th of January. In Chinese Astrology, this new moon also brings us the year of the Yang Wood Horse.

This time, we have the opportunity for new beginnings of three different durations. We may start something of a two week duration - with the aim to complete this by the Leo Full Moon which happens at 1:45am SAST on Saturday 15 February 2014. Remember to begin your project at least twelve hours after New Moon. This allows the Moon to gather a little sliver of light, and thus positive energy, after the darkness of the exact New Moon.

There is also an opportunity to begin a longer duration project of about six months. Aim for completion before the next Aquarius Full Moon on the 10th of August at 8:10pm.

Aquarius is the sign of innovation, taking the path less travelled, extreme intellectual focus and high regard for "your tribe". Community needs are placed above individual needs. Nonetheless this can be done in a highly unusual way. Aquarians are not afraid to follow their truth - no matter how unconventional that truth may be. Your project may be anything you choose, but if you incorporate any of the above concepts, you will be going with the sky flow!

The Yang Wood Horse speaks of action (Yang) and growth (Wood element) and enthusiasm and strength (Horse). Here we may start something that endures until the next Chinese New Year on the 19th of February 2015. According to the Chinese, we should not begin this project until the 4th or 5th of February 2014 as they allow a few days to relax and celebrate before getting down to work.

The Horse is the seventh sign of the Chinese Lunar Cycle - and for me - exercise programs, travel and fearlessly following your truth come to mind as possibilities for this year. Here is a lovely poem on "The Horse" from Theodora Lau to give you some ideas for the kind of projects the Horse encourages.

"I am the Kaleidoscope of the mind.
I impart light, color and perpetual motion.
I think, I see, I am moved by electric fluidity.
Constant only in my inconstancy,
I am unshackled by mundane holds,
I run unimpeded through virgin paths.
My spirit unconquered -
my soul forever free.


In addition, we have several other astrological happenings between now and the next New Moon.

Venus goes direct on the 31st of January, have gone retrograde (backwards as seen from Earth) on 21st of December 2013. Venus is the planet of what we love and value, our love relationships, our social life and our aesthetic abilities. If you have felt frustrated or stuck for a while in any of these life areas, you should experience release, lightness and flow as Venus begins to move as she should.

Mercury, the Messenger planet, ruling our logical thinking and all forms of communication and transport goes retrograde (backwards as seen from Earth) from the 6th of February until the 28th of February. Be patient and take deep breaths when you are confronted with delays and snafus in communication. If you are travelling overseas during this time, check and double your arrangements. Allow extra time in case of unforeseen delays. If possible don’t sign important contracts during this short period - you may miss some important, unseen facts. The best use you can make of these three weeks is to turn within - review, relax, recreate and meditate. Research in preparation for Mercury turning direct on the 28th of February is also excellent.

Finally Valentine's Day happens during a waxing, almost full Leo Moon. Be daring and do something creative, colourful or dramatic to celebrate. If you don't have a special person in your life, be your own Valentine and spoil yourself with gorgeous flowers, a delicious meal or a trip to the local spa. Loving yourself is one of the essential life lessons in my book!

  • New Moon in Pisces - 1 March 2014
  • New Moon in Aries - 31 March 2014
  • New Moon Eclipse in Taurus - 29 April 2014
  • New Moon in Gemini - 28 May 2014
  • New Moon in Cancer - 27 June 2014
  • New Moon in Leo - 27 July 2014
  • New Moon in Virgo - 25 August 2014
  • New Moon in Libra - 24 September 2014
  • New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio - 23 October 2014
  • New Moon in Sagittarius - 22 November 2014
  • New Moon in Capricorn - 22 December 2014 – also Southern Summer/Northern Winter Solstice

Planetary Activities

Equinoxes and Solstices:
  • Southern Autumn/Northern Spring Equinox: 20 March 2014 - also the start of the Tropical Zodiac
  • Moon Void of Course Events
  • Mercury Retrograde Events - 6 February 2014 - 28 February 2014
  • Venus Retrograde Events -
  • Mars Retrograde Events
  • Jupiter Retrograde Events
  • Saturn Retrograde Events - 2 March 2014 -
  • Uranus - Pluto Square - Major pattern of our times
  • Jupiter opposed Pluto -

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