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* I am interested in the following consultations: Comprehensive Initial Natal Astrology
Natal Astrology
Natal Star Report
Look Forward Predictive Astrology
In Depth Vocational Astrology
Two Person Relationship Astrology
Specific Questions
Best Time and Day
Determining a Workable Birth Time
No Consultations


* I am interested in the following area to be mentored: Natal
Predictive - Transits
Predictive - Solar Arcs
Predictive - Solar Returns
Predictive - Secondary Progressions
Predictive - Tertiary Progressions
Vocational Astrology
Synastry or Relationship Astrology
Midpoints Modern Psychological and Cosmobiology
Horary Astrology
Elective Astrology
Fixed Stars
Solar Fire Program
Discussion of a Client Chart
No Mentoring

Work Shops

* I am interested in the following Work Shops: Introduction to Western Astrology
Solar Returns
Solar Arcs
Solar Fire Program
Basic Concepts in Astrology Planets, Signs and Houses
No Work Shops

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