My Astrology Style

For me, Astrology means:
Speaking the language of the skies
Looking at your Life/Loves/Relationships/Vocation/Questions in the Great Sky Mirror

Solar system planets and stars, as seen from Earth, correlate amazingly with our lives and tell a most revealing story which benefits from being an objective reflection of who we are and how our lives are unfolding through time and space.

I, along with most astrologers of these times, concentrate mainly on the Solar System as seen from Earth – so called geocentric astrology. I use the ancient rulership of seven celestial bodies - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn - as this has wonderful symmetry and balance. It has worked for thousands of years and continues to be extremely accurate. I include the modern planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in strictly defined, limited ways. These planets are totally invisible to the eye in the night sky and were discovered relatively recently with high tech equipment.

It has been a tradition since the earliest times to look up at the night skies and observe many of the fixed stars. I use the brightest of these stars and find that this further illuminates astrological consultations. Bernadette Brady who did serious study of how the ancients used the stars, has compiled a beautiful “Star Report” which I can supply to you via email. This twelve to twenty page report is remarkably insightful.

I employ the Tropical (or seasonal) Zodiac which takes the Northern Spring / Southern Autumnal Equinox which happens on 21st March each year, as 0 degrees of Aries, the start of the Zodiac Band. Day and night have equal length equal length across the globe on the equinoxes. Because of what’s called precession (backward movement) of the equinoxes, 0 degrees Aries now falls into the actual constellation of late Pisces or very early Aquarius.

Vedic astrologers use the Sidereal (meaning Star) Zodiac. They ignore precession of the equinoxes and read the planets from where they lie in the actual constellation. Jyotisha is another name for Vedic astrology. It means the “Study of Light.”

My esteemed teacher Rod Suskin elaborates on Astrology as the Study of Consciousness as seen in the Light of the visible planets:
"I am reasserting astrology's classical, Aristotelean foundation. The solar system is a model for how consciousness, as light, described by the behaviour of the visible planets, descends to the earthly world of matter. It is not a model for how planets and other astronomical stuff affect us (even if they do!) The planets do not cause our behaviour, they model our behaviour, which includes a number of complex cycles not apparent through other means. Thus, the behaviour of LIGHT is relevant, when related to the model (i.e. regular and repetitive)... although the non-light behaviour of the sun (e.g. magnetic fields) is not.

The point is that astrology is not about the physical cosmos, it just makes use of the cosmos to model its theories. It is not the study of light reaching us geocentrically, it is the study of consciousness, as modelled by light. Thus 'consciousness descending from the divine into matter' is modelled as 'light descending from visible planets onto earth.' No matter what else we ever learn about the universe, it is irrelevant, because astrology is a model of consciousness, not of the universe. The behaviour of the light changes according to complex but repeated cycles, reflecting the same in us.

The discovery of Uranus and the others allowed us to add more about historical time and generational time to our understanding of cycles, which astrology also models, and the 'issues' of being in a post-monarchistic culture, although that only very slightly, and also not as a 'necessary' addition - they are only useful because their cycle length is still within a manageable human timeframe. Astrology remains entirely workable and meaningful without any regard for the outer planets - and in fact, many astrologers ignore them completely.

So in short - NO, REAL astrology does not grow its scope in relationship to the growth of astronomy (although plenty new age astrologies do, based on a belief that mysterious unknown and undetectable forces from physical bodies affect us in a manner determined by random decisions of earthly astronomers, and thus our behaviour is somehow determined by distant blobs of invisible rock combined with astronomers' words. We don't study those rather peculiar astrologies here.)"

I offer natal, predictive, vocational, relationship, horary and electional astrology - explained more fully on the Consultation Page.

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