A powerful astrological consultation in 2005, at age 41, sparked an intense interest in astrology. I began studying this vast subject soon after. I graduated from a brilliantly comprehensive Diploma eLearning Course atRod Suskin School of Astrology in 2014. We studied ancient Babylonian astrology all the way through ancient Greek, Vedic and 18 Century English astrology right up to all the powerful modern techniques including Cosmobiology. Along the way I met remarkable and colourful characters like Ptolemy the Greek from ancient Alexandria in Egypt, Guido Bonatti from medieval Italy and William Lilly from 18th Century Renaissance England.

I have resumed Noel Tyl's demanding Master's Certificate course in Modern Psychological Astrology. I am also currently studying Hellenistic Astrology from the time of Alexander the Great and Astro-Meteorology - using astrology to predict the weather - an ancient art which is still valid and accurate today.

Prior to finding my joy in astrological practise and studies, I worked in the business world in various capacities – bookkeeping, cost accounting and database administration. Whilst working in the business world, I pursued many and varied courses as I searched for a vocation that spoke to my heart. These include a three year diploma in Training Management, three semesters of electronics at a technical university, a six month Java programming bootcamp, Holographic Repatterning, Reflexology, Jin Shin Jitsu, courses in Cost and Management Accounting and half of a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

I am married to a botanist, Denny, with a brilliant flair for design and photography. He who shares my passion for spiritual growth via meditation under a wise and loving spiritual teacher, which we have both pursued for over twenty years. On 4 January 2012 we married each other a second time in a delightful ceremony on our patio in Durban in the company of lovely friends. It was a lot more colourful and festive than our first marriage on 20 December 1994 at the Port Elizabeth magistrates court with only a few relatives attending!

In 2012, we moved to the Tsitsikamma, San word for “place of abundant sparkling waters”, also known as the Garden Route on the South Western Coast of South Africa, arriving here on Nelson Mandela’s birthday – 18 July 2012. We settled on shores of the Swartvlei Tidal Estuary in Slow Town Sedgefield where the Tortoise symbolises the choice to drive slowly and give way to cyclists, people walking their dogs, guinea fowl and of, course, tortoises. We are currently adding finishing touches, such as wattle fencing, to our delightful timber frame home in Protea Street. We love our garden which is mostly fynbos with a permaculture style food and herb garden on the sunny North side of the property. Cycling, kayaking and exercising our two delightful doggie girls keep us tanned, fit and outdoors in the fresh air.

Previously we called sunny subtropical Durban on the East Coast of South Africa home - where we loved to go cycling along the beautiful beachfront. Port Elizabeth on the South Eastern Coast of South Africa is where I was born in 1963 and where I completed my schooling, with a brief sojourn at Walvis Bay, South West Africa between the ages 5 and 7.

I love to travel and have spent wonderful holidays in both America and India. Europe and UK, land of my ancestral DNA, the rest of Asia, Australia and the Polar regions remain unexplored for now.

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