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Your natal horoscope, a map of the heavens at the exact time and place you were born, is a heavenly mirror which reflects your inherent uniqueness and life situation.

Once I have your natal chart, I am able to throw light on challenges and opportunities throughout your life by tracking and interpreting the interaction of the ever-moving heavenly bodies with your natal chart. These sky patterns correlate remarkably with life as you live it. I am also able to compare two charts and interpret this for compatibility in romantic, business, friend and family relationships.

Two Public Talks in the Garden Route
Sunday the 22nd of March at 2pm - Earth Cafe, Global Village, Plettenberg Bay
Monday the 30th of March at 1pm - Knsyna Main Library
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Video: New Moon in Aquarius : 30 Jan 2014
New Moon in Aquarius : 30 Jan 2014

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Astrology means:
Speaking the language of the celestial bodies. (Karen James)

Etymology per Wikipedia:
From Ancient Greek astron - meaning "celestial body"
pertaining to celestial bodies: fixed stars, wandering stars (planets), etc.
From Ancient Greek legõ - meaning "I speak").

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